Practical Guide to Choosing a Dining Table

Dining Table

Are you considering purchasing a new dining table? Is your family growing and you need to consider more space for eating together? The options of dining tables available can be overwhelming, especially since the central piece in the dining room is usually the dining table.There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a table that suits your needs, fits comfortably in your space and compliments your decor. We can help you by breaking down the process into steps.


Homes are all configured differently but not matter whether it is a multi-use space or a separate dining room, the best place to start is by measuring the space you intend to use for the dining table. It’s best to write down these figures on a piece of paper.

Ideally, you will need about 3 feet or about 92 centimeters behind the chair to leave room for your guests or you to comfortably get up from the table. Apartments residents may only be able to afford 2 feet of space around a table to accommodate for a smaller space. At this point, you can either map it out on the floor with masking tape or cut up an over-sized piece of cardboard to lay down to have an idea of what works best. Now that you have figured out what size will fit comfortably in the space you can start to consider shape.


The shape of the table you choose should take into consideration the amount of space you have as well as the shape of the room.. For example, a round table doesn't quite fill the space of a rectangular room but an oval table works quite well as it has a presence in the room. Round and oval tables are more conducive to conversation as everyone faces center. Square tables which are generally found in more contemporary styles are lovely but limit the number of people whereas oval and circular tables allow for more people. The advantages of rectangular tables are there usually more available options and they tend to anchor a room. Once you’ve determined the best shape for your table we can start to narrow our focus to the materials.

Dining Table

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Last but not least we can now consider the material of the table. The overall style of your home should be kept in mind as dining tables can be large and you want to be sure it coexists cohesively in the space. Wood gives a warm classic feel and gains character with age. This is often a more traditional choice and can be finished in a multitude or way from a polished mahogany to a rustic unfinished antique oak. 

Glass topped tables are durable, easy to clean and have a more contemporary feel. They also appears to be lighter and brighter in the space thus eliminating visual weight and are a good option for smaller spaces. Today’s versions are made with tempered glass so won't scratch, are heat resistant and won't shatter if knocked.

Metal is also another durable choice that is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. It brings a modern look to a dining room so its best suited for a contemporary or industrial styled home. Metallic table tops will match many new kitchen appliances

Marble is not just for kitchen counter tops but is also an option for a tabletop.  Since marble is a porous stone that can be easily stained or scratched but can be sealed to maintain its appearance.  However, it lends itself to all types of interiors from traditional, modern and even contemporary styles as it’s appeal is timeless.

Whether you are looking for a table; new or vintage; or even need help deciding which table is best for your home we can help.  Drop us a line!

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